7 respuestas a Cortado chico

  1. Ernesto dijo:

    Percibo el aroma

  2. J. Dalton dijo:

    I was just kidding, mademoiselle.
    I am sorry. I thought you had a fine sense of humor.
    It will never happen again.

  3. J. Dalton dijo:

    You seriously still writing poetry?!?!

  4. I’m sorry, J. Dalton/Mr. Ange, but I’m afraid you must have mistaken me for the legendary Miss First Rain jazz club in Chicago. I understand your disappointment, but all I can offer is the result of my meek -yet immodest, some may say- poetic efforts.

    Gracias por sus cariñosas visitas, Leithient y Ordennegro.

  5. ordennegro dijo:

    mocaccino y muchaespuma.

  6. Leithient dijo:

    Todos los adictos al café sentimos esa sensación alguna vez en nuestra vida.

  7. J. Dalton dijo:

    What kind of Jazz Club is this? Where is the music? Where is the rain..?
    At any other JC there is always “Old Bushmills”, my liquor of choice, a good orchestra playing pleasant tunes, and an attractive singer casting significant looks in my general direction.
    During the break she surely will sit next to me.
    “Buy me a drink, looker?”
    “No. I am Mr. Ange. I drink alone.”


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